Dermalife Spa Capsule

The Dermalife Spa Capsule is an elite experience which delivers a diverse
selection of all natural, spa inspired therapies including steam, Vichy shower, under-body hydro-massage, hydromist, foot spray system, handheld shower, infrared, colour/light therapy and music therapy. The spa-jet is designed to create bliss via a physical cocoon of cleansing and rejuvenation elements and psychological stimulation designed to create an overwhelming relaxing sensory experience.
A variety of programs are available including weight loss, detoxification, “aquatic”, sleep/meditation and more. In addition to offering an experience of unprecedented relaxation, the Spa-Jet relieves aches and pains, assists the body in eliminating toxins, and stimulates the metabolism and immune system.
Spa Experience 30min – $35
Spa combined with Infrared Sauna 1 hour – $55
Spa with relaxation facial 45 min – $70