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Semi Permanent Brow Tattoos

Semi Permanent Brow

It’s all about the brows these days, and there is certainly no doubt that eyebrows make a huge difference in framing and accentuating your eyes. Unfortunately however they are often our most neglected feature and have often been over-plucked, leaving sparse and patchy eyebrows. Other people suffer from scars, gaps, medical conditions, uneven, non-existent or just poorly shaped brows.

A Semi Permanent Brow tattoo will help you achieve your perfect arches, giving your entire eye area a lift and ultimately giving you a more youthful and/or enhanced appearance.

Upon your first visit, your brows will be custom designed to suit your unique facial shape and features providing you with the most flattering and age-appropriate brows. Your eye shape, bone structure and facial contours are all carefully considered when designing the size, shape and position of your brows. Pigments are decided on together, to ensure you are happy with the final colour. There are a number of options available for semi permanent brows including:

Feather / Hair Stroke which offers beautifully natural-looking eyebrows with delicate individual hairs which mimic real brow hairs creating a softly feathered effect. Powder / Shadow offers a more subtle, soft pencil or powder shadow effect through the brows which closely mimics the appearance of more conventional brow makeup. Powder / Hair Stroke Combination is fantastic for a fuller and more defined eyebrow whereby the above two eyebrow tattoo techniques are combined for a softly textured, defined, on-trend look.

Feather Touch, Powder or Ombre Brows

$ 320 /1 Hour

plus $100 for follow up at 4 to 8 weeks (touch up cost for 2 – 12 months $160). Please note touch up rates are not available to clients who had their initial brows done elsewhere. Touch ups are mandatory to achieve complete result.

3D Brows

$ 340 / 3 visits

plus $100 for follow up

Semi Permanent Lips

Yes you can have fuller looking more luscious and defined lips without the injections. Lip tattoos are a great option for almost everyone with techniques ranging from a soft definition of your natural lip line to a full, glamourous tint. There are also a wide range of colours available from a soft, natural pink or brown tone through bright red!

Semi Permanent Lips

$ 400

Plus $100 touch up

Semi Permanent Eyeliner

Tattoo eyeliner can create a dramatic or subtle effect, depending on your wishes. At Botanique we specialise in creating a Lash Enhancement which is a ‘barely there’ definition that makes the eyes ‘pop’ without the fuss of battling with make up every morning. 

1 Hour

$ 300 Upper or Lower

Upper & Lower

$ 400 Both Plus

$100 Touch Up

It is important that you fully understand the procedure involved. Please take a moment to read the FAQs section below.

Semi Permanent Eyeliner

It is quite common to experience fading and some patchiness after your first visit . The ‘perfecting’ session focuses on redefining strokes that may have faded during the healing period, as well as refining shape if required.

Be prepared for the colour to be sharper and darker for the first week or so following your appointment.  Some clients prefer not to plan social events at this time as some swelling/redness can occur.


– If possible, please try to avoid blood thinning medications 72 hrs before your appointment.  (Consult your doctor first).  This includes ibuprofen, asprin and fish oil tablets.

– Avoid alcohol for 24 hrs before your appointment

– Do not get brows waxed/tinted for 2 weeks prior to your appointment

– Botox and fillers should be done at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment.

– (LIPS) If you are prone to coldsores, please consider using anti-virals as a precaution.  ie. Lysine tablets from chemist, Zovirec cream, doctors prescribed anti viral medication

– (EYES) Please remove eye make up and contacts before your appointment.  Eyelash extensions must be removed to complete any eyeliner procedure

Pain Management – Anaesthetic is applied before and throughout entire procedure to ensure you are comfortable. Each person’s pain threshold varies however certain circumstances such as a recent cold/flus, stress levels and your menstrual cycle can sometimes impact your comfort during the procedure.  It is important to us that your experience is as pain free as possible, so we encourage you to communicate throughout your procedure as to how you are feeling

How Long Will it Last? – This is highly variable from person to person.  Individual and lifestyle factors can affect the tattoo such as smoking, sun exposure, some facial products, exfoliating treatments and medications.  It is recommended that you return for a refresh treatment every 12 months to keep the brows looking fresh and defined.

You will be given detailed aftercare once your procedure is finished. It is vital that you follow these instructions to ensure an optimal result.  All clients will be required to book for a touch up appointment between 4 and 8 weeks after your initial visit as final adjustments are almost always necessary.


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